HTF 1270

12'000 strokes/hour/stream

180 gsm
600 gsm


1270 x 500 mm/50" x 19.7"

590 x 500 mm/23.2" x 19.7"

360 x 500 mm/14.1" x 19.7"

250 x 500 mm/9.8" x 19.7"

100 x 100 mm/3.9" x 3.9"

approx. 15 mm/0.6"
approx. 320 mm/12.6"

5 - 50

approx. 2.2 t/4850 lbs

approx. 4.2 x 1.8 m/13.78' x 5.90'

HTF 940

12'000 strokes/hour/stream

180 gsm
600 gsm


940 x 500 mm/37" x 19.7"

420 x 500 mm/16.5" x 19.7"

250 x 500 mm/9.8" x 19.7"


100 x 100 mm/3.9" x 3.9"

approx. 15 mm/0.6"
approx. 320 mm/12.6"

5 - 50

approx. 1.9 t/4188 lb

sapprox. 4.2 x 1.5 m/13.7' x 4.92'

Technical specifications

Speed max.

Cardboard min.
Cardboard max.

Corrugated board

Size of blanks max.
1-stream operation

2-stream operation

3-stream operation

4-stream operation

Size of blanks min.

Container depth min.
Container depth max.

Container side angle min/max


Base area

HTF 940 / HTF 1270 - Tray forming at its best.

The 10 Advantages

The HTF machine range is designed for the gluing and forming of conical trays.
Printed blanks are glued and formed to trays with or without cover lids, take-away boxes or hamburger clamshells. The HTF coverts all types of cardboard/corrugated board. Many decades of experience in the construction of tray forming machines combined
with practical knowledge from the customers allow Gietz to offer a range of highly productive and versatile machines that can be upgraded and retrofit any time.
The user benefits from a long-lasting and efficient machine concept.

1. Up to 12 000 trays per hour and stream
This highly productive machine enables to convert blanks with up to 12 000 strokes
per hour and stream.

2. Modularly retrofittable machine
Even if the machine is originally equipped for one-stream operation only, further streams can be added later on at any time. The HTF can be retrofit as well with further options such as a beading station or plasma nozzles for the pre-treatment of coated gluing flaps.

3. High production security at
the in-feed units
The pneumatically controlled in-feed of the blanks guarantees highest reliability and production security.

4. A selection of gluing systems
Whether a 2-/4-/6- or 8-point gluing is required, the HTF offers the user the suitable gluing system. The machine can be equipped with a unit for cold gluing by soft pads, a cold gluing unit with spray nozzles or a hot-melt adhesive unit with spray nozzles.

5. Intelligent movement of forming dies
The forming dies are moved by servo drives. Various parameters such as the stroke beginning, stroke end, stroke speed and stroke length can be selected to guarantee the optimal production security.
For an ideal folding procedure of hamburger clamshells a twin swords can be integrated in the movement.

6. User-friendliness
Swing-type delivery stacks allow an easy access and thus a quick and comfortable
set-up of the forming stations.
The horizontal delivery of the trays at optimal working height simplifies the removal during the production procedure.

7. Short set-up times
For all tray types a fix set-up forming station is available with the corresponding forming dies.
In just a few steps, these fix forming stations can be fit to the machine,
which reduces the make-ready times drastically. All fix forming stations are set, tested and adjusted upfront at the customer site.

8. Core competence and durability
Since 1968, the company Gietz manufactures machines for the
forming and gluing of conical trays.
This know-how combined with the practical experience made by hundreds of machine users is merged into the
HTF technology. The solid machine construction guarantees long durability.

9. Price-performance ratio
Best quality of forming and gluing systems, maximum production speed and security as well as a durable construction: a Gietz machine is well worth its price.

10. Industry leading products for professionals
Machines for the forming and gluing of conical trays from Gietz are recognized by the paper converting industry worldwide as leading products from professionals for professionals.

The Facts

Foil stamping machines, sheet fed

Foil stamping machines, web fed

Hologram-application machines
for security printing

Erecting and gluing machines for conical trays made of cardboard
and corrugated board


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