Semi Automatic Pile Turners

Albo System Semi Automatic Pile Turners are equipped with:

Motorised turntable
The Semi Automatic models are equipped with a motorised turntable for the convenience of the operator.

One single control - the Safeball
All operating sequences for turning, aerating and jogging are pre-programmed and the selected programs are executed with one single control, the Safeball. This hold-to-run device confirms the Semi Automatic models safety in operation.

"The job is done in less than 60 seconds!"
The Albo System Semi Automatic Pile Turners turn the pile by simultaneously clamping the platforms, tilting and rotating the turntable. This results in reduced cycle time and higher through-put.

High capacity Aerating & Jogging Systems
Easy adjustable Flexguide for alignment
Multiple operation programs
Single control device
Simple control for sheet removal
Rear operator platform with remote controls

Albo System Semi Automatic
Pile Turners
for turning, aerating and jogging, are available in the following standard models:

Max sheet size: 760 x 1060 mm
Max pile height: 1390 mm

Max sheet size: 760 x 1060 mm
Max pile height: 1800 mm

Max sheet size: 1060 x 1450  mm
Max pile height: 1800 mm

Max sheet size: 1200 x 1650 mm
Max pile height: 1800 mm

Max sheet size: 1300 x 1850 mm
Max pile height: 1800 mm

Max sheet size: 1200 x 1650 mm
Max pile height: 2000 mm

Max sheet size: 1510 x 2050 mm
Max pile height: 2000 mm



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